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Brunei & COVID-19: How it’s been so far

The publication of this video was delayed in respect of the first death caused by COVID-19 in Brunei. Al-Fatihah.

Video was taken in the space of three weeks in-between errands and essential travel. Please practise social distancing and maintain good hygiene practices. ⠀



BizDigital: Creatives for some needed Inspiration

Are you a creative who’s running out of that creative juice? 🤔 ⁠⠀
We all need that inspiration to keep us going. Good thing we have a list here of creatives so you could feed off their magical creative energy.  @biz.digital #bizdigital

Introducing Hana Zine’s 100 Game Changers

Introducing Hana Zine’s 100 Game Changers:

there is an endless list of aspiring and established creatives that’s given a piece of themselves to shape this budding & highly underrated industry. We are all creating another — possibly for the better — version of home. This list is based on the people that’s personally influenced us. This is our love letter to all of you ❤️