So, things have been happening this week. One of them, of course, is the growing global media attention against the first phase of the Syariah law.  The Facebook page Boycott Brunei has gained a lot of local attention.

Comments against the page far outnumber any comment which support a boycott of Brunei. Despite this, the number of likes sits at around 700.

The handful of supporters of a boycott, comment in a muddled and confusing way which reflects the sudden media attention Brunei has gotten.





A contribution by Faiq Airudin

I had braces.

Growing up in the 90’s, there was certain romance to it. Protagonists on Saturday morning TV shows smiled into the camera, teeth glinting with braces. They spoke softly, softened by metal in their mouth. Braces were a ticket to social acceptance; at least that’s what I thought.

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Nicest Things in Brunei: Graphic

Data from the survey: “Nicest Things in Brunei: The Ultimate Survey”

Notable entries include, “none. too greedy to share. ” and “Definitely Not Ayam Penyet”

Nice Things About Brunei Survey

Data from the survey: “Nicest Things in Brunei: The Ultimate Survey”

Will try and do more with the data in the coming month!

nice things

Brunei is going to have nice things. It is happening. Can you believe it is happening? Those places you find on Pinterest, that you love on Tumblr and share on your Instagram. You always wanted them to be in Brunei. “Oh why, oh why can’t a place like this be in Brunei” “Sigh” “sigh” Details on the walls with quirky quotes and ornaments on tables made from fine wood.