Conversation with Osveanne Osman

Which Bruneian artists do you think deserve more local and international attention?

One artist from my generation who I think is underrated is Yasmin Jaidin. She’s been very active, having travelled and presented in Japan, Hong Kong and Taipei, among others. She produces the most amazing work, and executes it at such a high standard. There’s also Faizal Hamdan, who has great conceptual work, Nadiah Suhaili, who incorporates local narratives in her paintings and Faiq Airudin, who’s the most wonderful photographer. Zakaria Omar is a detail-oriented artist whose work I enjoy as well.

Conversation with Osveanne OsmanGallery manager of Creative Space Brunei

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Introducing Hana Zine’s 100 Game Changers

Introducing Hana Zine’s 100 Game Changers:

there is an endless list of aspiring and established creatives that’s given a piece of themselves to shape this budding & highly underrated industry. We are all creating another — possibly for the better — version of home. This list is based on the people that’s personally influenced us. This is our love letter to all of you ❤️




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