Advertising: Women

Looking at the most recent issues of Inspire, BHC and Plus magazine what I found was that females are depicted either as mothers, or in relation to marriage. This selection may seem nit picky but in most cases males were depicted as active and single, while the females are usually placed in a home environment. Can we think of other ways of depicting females? 

Gadong June 4

Thursday, 4 June 2015. [PART 2 OF 2]

Decided to take my camera out.

Near the Telisai-Lumut highway.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 Near the Telisai-Lumut highway. Reminded me of a scene from Apocalypse Now. 

Seeds Stuff

In a space of a month a team of volunteers went about putting on an original musical play…from scratch. This is everything, I mean everything from nothing. What costumes should be worn, when the music should start playing, how large a fish prop should be, where the audience should sit…the list goes on.