Zed Peace’s new video for “Dengki” from his Ramadan Flow 3 mixtape. Directed by Faiq & Wafiq Airudin.

“The video was actually shot before Siapa Mahu Battle and was planned for release before Battle. Due to complications with the sponsors, who we’ve initially planned to host a video launch with, we delayed the video release. After listening to the song, the other party was not too comfortable with being associated with it, but gave us the blessing to use their apparel anyway. I don’t consider my songs to ever be ill-intentioned or offensive. Thought-provoking yes, but I always encourage listeners to delve deeper into the meaning, context and overall content. This video was to be released with a commentary video which was already shot and finished, to go side-by-side with the song, but due to the backing out of sponsors from the project, we’ve decided to scrap. Maybe to release another time instead. With that said, hope you’ve enjoyed the video / song. #RFIII #Dengki”
Ramadan Flow 3 available for digital download:


November 3, 2016


Music Video