— Thoughts on making cultural spaces more inviting

I love seeing more cultural events but also think most can become intimidating to first timers or introverts to the space. A cultural space entails a place that’s converted through cultural activity like a concert, theatre, exhibition, museum, hobbyist displays, card meets etc.

Within a cultural space familiarity and a sense of safety among peers might create a sense of hostility or coldness for newcomers. It’s hard getting into a room when you don’t know anyone.

What can we do to make our cultural spaces more inviting to newcomers or those curious about them. This is all assuming of course the person is entering a cultural space with genuine interest.


  1. If they are unfamiliar with the cultural space let them know the etiquette. Exhibitions no touching artwork etc. Theatre – come before the scheduled time. etc.
  2. Don’t discourage the asking of what you would consider as common questions or easily Googlable answers – what people prefer is a view from a person during the event.
  3. Ask them what they liked about a piece, a particular detail or a type of genre. If they don’t have the necessary tools to explain encourage more discussion after the event and suggest accounts to follow or sites to read. Remember it’s only a suggestion.
  4. If you are the organiser, part of it on a committee or member level of the cultural space invite them for future events or occasions. Let them know your IG & FB.