Brunei Airport – boarding styles

With an airport that’s easily accessible and only 15 mins from the capital it’s no surprise we have developed a way to depart from BIA. After a couple of flights in the last couple of months I noticed these kind of flight boarders.

How to name a commercial place: Brunei Edition

With more commercial areas popping up picking a name is tricky as the most catchy have been taken. I’ve come up with a nifty guide to help you along the way. What names have you come up with? 19 Limau Manis Square sounds like a hipster foodie area.


Tale of the tape: Jollibee vs KFC vs Pizza Hut | Brunei-Muara

A look at some of the largest fast food international franchises in Brunei. I noticed that whenever I came across one of the franchises another one would be bound to be close by. A completely non-academic look at the franchises with the most branches. Not affiliated with the restaurants mentioned. Branches accurate as of 5th February 2019.