Mihir – On Explanation and Art. Initial thoughts

After visiting the Andy Warhol’s solo show at the Stable Gallery in 1964 Arthur Danto famously declared it was “the end of western art”. It was such a shock for him to see such work in a gallery. I heard him talk in London over 10 years ago. He was an eminent Warhol academic and during the talk shared the moment he came across Brillo box sculptures by Andy Warhol. 


Virtual360 Konnect | Together, Wired

Virtual360 Konnect residents Faiq Airudin from Brunei Darussalam and Chloe Lynne Choi from Korea collaborated throughout October 2020 to address the lack of options regarding spontaneity and subtlety in current modes of online communication software. Their collaboration resulted in a newly invented design that allows for more control over communication.

The authors worked with the notion that current forms of technology are insufficient in mirroring human interactions of the real world. This has become ever more important in light of current circumstances: the COVID-19 outbreak has relegated human interactions to the online space, and therefore online modes of communication need to fill the gap in communication as fully as possible.


In England’s green and pleasant land?

“Did you learn this as school?” I would sometimes look up from my phone turn it towards my wife and glance inquisitively. She usually furrows her eyebrows and fills me on the details she faintly knows but it would usually be a “No”, sometimes a “Huh?” but most of the time it’s a “What is that reference I really don’t get it…” 


What Happens When You Start Producing Viral Content: Hint You Can’t Stop

The Viral Experiment

“Hey check this out, look how many shares it has reached”

I think I must’ve sent this to the co-writer of Brublahblah (BBB) when our post “Things People Say When They Hear You’re From Brunei” was shared (1700++ shares) beyond expectation. The comments and shares came flooding in.

In 2014, I started the website BBB with a local ThoughtCatalog (TC) writer. I found it amazing that a local writer could reach such a broad audience, their writings have reached thousands on TC to an international audience. I wondered whether it could actually work in a local context.


Jamit anak Lasah: Teraja Longhouse Head

Jamit anak Lasah: Teraja Longhouse Head

Story by Nurhamiza Haji Roslan

Photography by Faiq Airudin

Jamit anak Lasah remembers coming to Teraja when he was only a little boy. His father had brought him along with his other family members as well as friends from Marudi in Sarawak.

As Jamit tried to recall all that happened during the migration, he paused for awhile and sat still. His hooded eyes appeared to be looking into space but it was evident they were looking at scenes of his past, that were replaying in his mind.


Blogging, with feeling

via @Kurapak  https://www.instagram.com/p/BSq1D9TBbc6/

Last night was my first real hug to my mom when we all greeted her happy birthday at midnight. The previous one when I was still a teenager. I don’t know the feeling but I always wanted to hug my mother. – Ranoadidas http://rano360.com/2017/04/08/a-sons-love/


two posts over last week caught my eye. an instagram post by kurapak and a long post by Ranoadidas. it was from two veterans (long serving members) of the blogging community and what interested me was how their individual stories felt anachronistic to the type of content they usually provide.


content with content?

[this was in my drafts. seems somewhat relevant to publish this now. i feel 2017 is going to be a big year for content creators in brunei]

local content is aplenty.

you can read whatever you like in a glossy mag or on online blogs. the issue now is not “omg why is there no local content out there!?” but “as a content creator how can i get my stuff out there?!”.


creative industry needs support

so, support in what sense really?

what’s coming up are a summary of my respective reservations and apprehensions with this phrase, in conversation and in the media:

“creative industry needs support”