YSEALI Alumni Story: Faiq Airudin – Brunei

“Hazirah, my then-girlfriend, shared a poster by Seeds Brunei, an all-student theatre production. I was curious about the creative arts, especially from local government schools. I messaged them last-minute, “Were tickets still available?” I received a reply back asking me to drop by. “You’re lucky. We have one seat left!”

From that first production, I met one of the Seeds volunteer coaches, the person who replied my texts, Mr. Goose (Asmal), who kindly passed me that spare ticket. Later, I talked to Mr. Syaf (Syafiq Bakar), co-founder and chairperson of Seeds Brunei, who subsequently asked if I wanted to volunteer. This was in 2012, my entry to the creative community of Brunei.

Seeds is a society utilizing theatre as an educational tool. The exchanges with the volunteers, the experience and the sheer enjoyment of watching a student-run production laid the foundations for what I hoped for in the Brunei creative community. I brought my camera along to that production because I wanted to share the local creative scene with a wider audience. After an amazing performance, I hurriedly uploaded them to Facebook and the students involved somehow found the album and commented excitedly.

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