nice things

Brunei is going to have nice things. It is happening. Can you believe it is happening? Those places you find on Pinterest, that you love on Tumblr and share on your Instagram. You always wanted them to be in Brunei. “Oh why, oh why can’t a place like this be in Brunei” “Sigh” “sigh” Details on the walls with quirky quotes and ornaments on tables made from fine wood.

Style! We’re going to have nice things. Imported in containers from Singapore, tables salvaged from thrift stores in Hong Kong, found online from an obscure store in Japan brought over to be lauded over by aficionados who adore style. The wall filled with films from the 60s, details from a past we never had. The style! So modern. It is just like in those magazines. It’s not like we’re in Brunei! Restaurants talked over Whatsapp, to be photographed discretely and shared over a coffee in Coffee Bean, in Coffee Zone, in Starbucks. Oh such great taste! To be blogged, to be Tweeted and written up as a glowing status on Facebook. Tagged with friends to check it out but warning them to be wary. Numbers on their statuses out of ten, tending their eye over details, “service” “atmosphere” “taste” 7/10 8/10 4/10. NEVER AGAIN

Nice things are here
In Brunei
We’re going to have nice things