[Audio] Together, Wired. Week 2

On Tuesday, October 6th, we held a Zoom group discussion with people from Brunei, India, South Korea, Guam, Singapore, and the US about feeling grounded online. Not only did we connect with people worldwide, but we also asked questions about participants’ emotional responses and personal anecdotes to going online during our current pandemic. 

Listening to each of our participant’s responses, we explained certain phenomena and pinpointed what kind of interactions people wanted.

The Zoom discussion is part of Virtual360 Konnect – Emerging Arts Leaders Residency Series, an online cultural exchange and capacity building initiative developed by culture360.ASEF.org with the support of #KONNECTASEAN. Over a period of one month, 20 emerging art leaders from #Korea and the #ASEAN region will collaborate in pairs on the theme of international cultural exchange in the #Covid-19 era. Each pair will share weekly stories of their creative & collaborative process.  

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Chloe Choi

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