Sahur Evenings 2022 / 1443

Five Sahur Evenings I checked out this Ramadhan for bites, sips and hangouts. Was nice finally seeing places open late after months of takeaways only, lifting of curfew (it was at 8pm at one point!) and relaxing of restrictions.

Brunei & COVID-19: How it’s been so far

The publication of this video was delayed in respect of the first death caused by COVID-19 in Brunei. Al-Fatihah.

Video was taken in the space of three weeks in-between errands and essential travel. Please practise social distancing and maintain good hygiene practices. ⠀



First Pokémon Go Safari Event Experience in Taipei

My wife and I didn’t think the crowds were so bad at 9am but got to crazy levels around 11am! First time to a Pokémon Go Safari Event and even as low-level trainers (for me at least) was worth it. People slowly shuffled around the park to a pace that was safe enough to go on your phone but also fast enough to spin Pokestops.

It’s the only event this year and it really showed with more than 150,000 on the first day. The only thing stopping us was the lagging connection – thank you FarEasTone ?! #PokemonGOSafariZone #Taipei


Games with Guests | Episode #2 Twitter/Instagram: @yellowcartv

Produced by Akmal Jaman Camera by Wafiq Airudin, Zaim HD

Timekeeping by Malai Jazly Scoreboarding by Nichie Girlfriend si Matt Questions by Azriani Safriudin, and Syahmi Fadilah Special Thanks To Candas Creative Company

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Progresif Heroes – Video Interview

“Progressive is building on the past while thinking about the future. And I think that’s what we all should think about.” Wise words coming from Faiq Airudin, a 28 year old that shoots ‘still’ and ‘video’ who believes there is always time to grow. When we asked him to look into his crystal ball to share some insight on what he thinks the creative arts industry, film and photography in Brunei would be like in the next twenty to thirty years – he answered graciously; he believes in 2035, we as Bruneians will have a greater sense of value for each other in terms of an artist’s craft whether it’s in design, fashion or pottery because highly skilled people will be more readily available; we’ll know how to better incorporate all these things into our community and will be able to recognise their ingenuity as an integral cog that makes life that much easier…if you wanna hear more from him come pick up a copy of our latest Progresif Issue, which dives into the world of ‘creativity’ and why it’s an important part of life @faiqairudin#thatsprogresif #progresifmagazine