Tale of the tape: Jollibee vs KFC vs Pizza Hut | Brunei-Muara

A look at some of the largest fast food international franchises in Brunei. I noticed that whenever I came across one of the franchises another one would be bound to be close by. A completely non-academic look at the franchises with the most branches. Not affiliated with the restaurants mentioned. Branches accurate as of 5th February 2019.


What Happens When You Start Producing Viral Content: Hint You Can’t Stop

The Viral Experiment

“Hey check this out, look how many shares it has reached”

I think I must’ve sent this to the co-writer of Brublahblah (BBB) when our post “Things People Say When They Hear You’re From Brunei” was shared (1700++ shares) beyond expectation. The comments and shares came flooding in.

In 2014, I started the website BBB with a local ThoughtCatalog (TC) writer. I found it amazing that a local writer could reach such a broad audience, their writings have reached thousands on TC to an international audience. I wondered whether it could actually work in a local context.