Mihir – On Explanation and Art. Initial thoughts

After visiting the Andy Warhol’s solo show at the Stable Gallery in 1964 Arthur Danto famously declared it was “the end of western art”. It was such a shock for him to see such work in a gallery. I heard him talk in London over 10 years ago. He was an eminent Warhol academic and during the talk shared the moment he came across Brillo box sculptures by Andy Warhol. 


Virtual360 Konnect | Together, Wired

Virtual360 Konnect residents Faiq Airudin from Brunei Darussalam and Chloe Lynne Choi from Korea collaborated throughout October 2020 to address the lack of options regarding spontaneity and subtlety in current modes of online communication software. Their collaboration resulted in a newly invented design that allows for more control over communication.

The authors worked with the notion that current forms of technology are insufficient in mirroring human interactions of the real world. This has become ever more important in light of current circumstances: the COVID-19 outbreak has relegated human interactions to the online space, and therefore online modes of communication need to fill the gap in communication as fully as possible.