Drive to Excel – Mamad K

MUHAMMAD Abdul Khalid has found an international audience for his videos. Red Bull recently commissioned this 26-year-old who goes by the name Mamad AK to produce a parkour video for its Youtube channel.


Big heart for art: Faizal Hamdan

FAIZAL Hamdan is the kind of art teacher who gets a sense of satisfaction from the achievements of his former students. With a glint of pride in his eyes, he talks about coming across his former students who are continuing to teach and practise art and how he always tells them to do art beyond the confines of the canvas.

Where Should You Go For Dinner: Brunei

to be honest I would only eat at four or at least five of the places mentioned. i had the impulse to make this which is strange cause i made the other graphic for lunch around this time last year. i used illustrator for this and i am glad i did! hope this helps someone out there!