ASEAN Cultural Digital Ambassadors Transformation Programme 2022: Unity In Bytes

From 17 to 22 June 2022, Malaysia hosted the ASEAN Cultural Digital Ambassador Transformation Programme: Unity in Bytes, attended by 20 delegates from 10 #ASEAN Member States, comprising students, lecturers, and officers in the culture sector.

The programme aimed to nurture adaptable tech-savvy ASEAN youth and cultural practitioners, promote regional economy via edu-culture and creative digital content, and enhance creativity, diversity, and artistic cultural embodiment.

Delegates immersed themselves in local communities in Selangor and Melaka by engaging in cultural activities of the indigenous people and participated in interactive hybrid seminar and masterclass on cultural heritage, post-pandemic recovery, and creative content production.

Sahur Evenings 2022 / 1443

Five Sahur Evenings I checked out this Ramadhan for bites, sips and hangouts. Was nice finally seeing places open late after months of takeaways only, lifting of curfew (it was at 8pm at one point!) and relaxing of restrictions.